WATCH: Hugh Laurie Stars in New Trailer for Political Series 'Roadkill'

We just recently saw Hugh Laurie (House) in the sci-fi series Avenue Five, releasing earlier this year, and now he's signed up for a new series. This time around, he's going... political.

He's set to take on the role of a politician named Peter Laurence in the forthcoming series Roadkill. According to the description, his personal life is falling apart and he's caught up in some sort of scandal. But, he shows no remorse and is more interested in pursuing his quest to advance his political career.

In the new trailer, Laurence is being confronted and seems to be put off by the word "lie," as if he's guilt-free. The woman he's speaking to, PM Dawn Ellison (Helen McRory), is more focused on the cover-up:

He claims to be "squeaky" clean, but MI5 has put a briefing together on him. In the first look footage, we also see Sarah Greene (Normal People) as Charmian Pepper, say, "I'm going to nail Peter Laurence once in for all."

Her character hasn't been announced, but we're guesstimating she's a news reporter. A news reporter on a mission, to be more exact.

The series comes from writer David Hare (Collateral) and is directed by Michael Keillor (Line of Duty).

You can look for Roadkill on BBC One in the U.K. and PBS in the U.S., with a date still to be confirmed.

Are you up for more Hugh?