WATCH: Hugh Grant Revives 'Paddington 2' Character for Marmalade-Themed Charity Video

Hugh Grant has revived his Paddington 2 baddie Phoenix Buchanan for a viral charity campaign in aid of an ailing child.

Grant channels Buchanan – a vain, faded West End luvvie – for the #5ForHenry campaign, which is asking people to film themselves eating a jam or marmalade sandwich and donate £5 to help "Henry the brave," a four-year-old boy fighting cancer.

In the video posted on Twitter, Grant as Buchanan smears marmalade, Paddington's favorite food, on his face and says: “If your birthday is a special birthday, why not celebrate in style with Buchanan’s special chunky-cut marmalade? More taste, more goodness, more, dare one say, class."

Still in character as the hammy actor, Grant adds: “How was that darling? Was it good? Shall we go again? Bit messy?”

The official Paddington Twitter has tweeted back at Grant, saying: "Please make sure you wash your paws afterwards, Mr Buchanan, as otherwise you’ll end up in another rather sticky situation."

Grant also got into character as Phoenix Buchanan last month to make a video message for four-year-old Henry, who is a big fan of Paddington 2. Grant praised the four-year-old's moves after he recreated Buchanan's dance from the end of Paddington 2, which saw Buchanan jailed for theft and trying to frame Paddington.

Would you like to see Hugh Grant play Phoenix Buchanan in another Paddington movie?