WATCH: Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman Get Frisky in 'The Undoing' Trailer

Hugh Grant (A Very English Scandal) and Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies) appear to be the new on-screen power couple. The two portray Jonathan and Grace Fraser in writer David E. Kelley's forthcoming murder-mystery miniseries The Undoing. 

In the new trailer, we meet them at a posh soirée, with Jonathan saying to his wife, "You know what I love about this? You could never tell that we are rich. It's just all so classy and understated." We like that he gets that their lifestyle might be a bit indulgent, but he comes across as grounded.

Grace fondly smiles back and promises to make it up to him. He suggests finding a room, right then and there at the party (for some alone time). She politely dismisses the suggestion, coyly responding, "You're so bad."

Okay, they do seem to be sweet on each other, and we can guesstimate from their flirting that they are happily married. But, when Jonathan goes missing, there are a lot of questions out there.

It doesn't help his case when a woman in their community is brutally murdered. The timing isn't clear in the trailer, which happens first, but the two events seem to be connected:

We do see Jonathan later in the trailer, swarmed by media and then walking out of a courtroom. It's a little confusing, as the premise does say he's missing. Possibly he's now back to face... whatever he's done or has not done. Either way, the storyline and trailer do a fine job of keeping us on the edge of our seat.

Also in the trailer, Grace says to their teenage son, "I'll fix this." That is a hefty promise, but it makes sense for a mother to want to protect her child. We'll have to wait and see what happens to learn if she's able to live up to that firm declaration.

You can also look for Donald Sutherland as Grace's father. He wants to protect his daughter just as much, but his words come across as a little more sinister, saying to someone unidentified to the viewer, "You speak of ugliness. You have not met ugliness." Ack. Who is he talking to? And, what is he suggesting might happen?

Susanne Bier (AMC's The Night Manager) is set to direct and will act as co-showrunner with Kelley.

We really want to know who is on trial. Do you want to take a guess?