WATCH: Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Get Romantic in 'The Good Liar' Trailer

Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen are starring opposite each other for the first time in the thriller The Good Liar.

Based on Nicholas Searle's 2015 novel, McKellen portrays a conman by the name of Roy Courtnay. He's a career criminal who funds his way of life by swindling others out of their savings. He meets a new mark, millionairess Betty McLeish (Mirren).

If this was the typical scam, he'd win her over, steal her money and get out. But, he finds himself falling for Betty:

While Betty might be smitten, her grandson Steven (Russell Tovey) is putting on the breaks. He's not so quick to trust this man who his grandmother met "on the computer service."

In the trailer, we see Roy does come clean to Betty during a dinner date, saying, "I must confess to you, a deception on my part. My name is in fact not Brian, but it's Roy." But this seems like a distraction technique to disarm the apparently lonely woman.

She suggests she's not all that innocent herself, though, saying, "It's very peculiar doing things you'd never imagined. Secrets between you and... God. The Devil. And the dead."

The Good Liar premieres in theaters on November 15.

We can also look for Mirren in the Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs and Shaw, releasing on August 2. McKellen has completed filming on Cats, which hits theaters on December 20. If you'd like to speed up on Tovey, check out this Anglo item Seven Roles that Made Us Love Russell Tovey, From Doctor Who to The Night Manager

How excited are you to see Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen in the same movie!!??