WATCH: Helen Hunt Stars in Trailer for Killer-Thriller 'I See You'

Helen Hunt recently popped up on Anglo, with the announcement that she and Paul Reiser are returning for a Mad About You reboot. And, here she is again. We can also look for Hunt in the psychological thriller I See You, premiering on December 6, reports 

According to the movie's synopsis, she lives in a seemingly perfect town, filled with perfect families. Can we just say... there's no such thing as perfect. The idyllic community is shaken when a 10-year-old boy goes missing.

Jon Tenney (True Detective) takes on the role of the lead investigator, with Hunt playing his cheating wife. That sounds a bit harsh, but he's dealing with a missing persons case and troubles at home.

Having a tryst with another fella is one thing, but now the detective and wife's son is in danger. They need to prioritize and focus on this new threat to their family.

There are a lot of "I'm sorry"s being thrown around in the above trailer. Clearly something has happened, but we as viewers don't know what that is yet. What we do know, and the characters don't, is that there's a person in their house... wielding an axe. Ack!!

It's not clear if this is supernatural or just a good ol' fashioned psychopath on the loose.

What's your theory??