WATCH: Gary Oldman Looks for 'A Better Place' in Horror Film 'Mary'

In the forthcoming horror film Mary, Gary Oldman plays a blue-collar captain looking for an upgrade on life, reports When he sees an abandoned sail boat up for auction, he's drawn to it and buys it impulsively.

In the recently released trailer, he says to his wife (Emily Mortimer), "I thought this was something we could finally make ours. Something that could take us to a better place."

Mary isn't the name of the boat, but their little girl, who we see smash a wine glass against her sister's head in the below clip. Wowser, that was very unexpected. But, it prepares us for what's to come:

Mortimer's character calls it, saying, "Something is very, very wrong here. I'm seeing things I can't explain."

Bloody footsteps, doorhandles turning, but no one is there... the mother believes the boat might be cursed. And the thing about boats is, there's nowhere to run.

Mary will premiere at London's Fright Fest on August 24, and will be in theaters and available via VOD on October 11. You can also look for Oldman in Killers Anonymous, which came out just last month.

Are you keen to see Gary Oldman in a modern-day horror story?