WATCH: 'Frozen's Elsa Faces Her Past in New Trailer for Sequel

Killing Eve's Jodie Comer isn't the only woman kicking butt and taking names. Disney's ice queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) is on the same path, returning to Frozen for round two. Not all is well in her kingdom of Arendelle... but she's not the type to run from a problem.

In the original 2013 animated film, we met Elsa as a young princess, who had a secret power. She grew up to be queen and one day when she lost her temper, she accidentally turned her kingdom to... ice. Her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) didn't abandon her and together, with the help of other friends, they turned things around.

Once again, Elsa faces a foe, but it's not quite clear who, or what, she is up against. It seems she has to go back to where it all began and find out how she came to possess her power to control the weather:

Elsa heads north to search for answers. She'd rather go it alone, but Anna insists on joining her, saying in the above clip, "Excuse me. I climbed the North Mountain. Survived a frozen heart. And, saved you from my ex-boyfriend. So... you know, I'm coming."

This headstrong little sister is not being left behind. Anna should be added to the list of badass women as well.

In addition to Menzel and Bell, original cast members Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad return to lend their voices to Kristoff and Olaf, respectively. Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood and Martha Plimpton join the sequel, which you can look for in theaters on November 22.

Are you looking forward to more Frozen??