WATCH: Dominic Cooper Re-Enters the Spy Game in 'Stratton' Trailer

You know we can't get enough of secret agents. James Bond is high on our radar, of course, followed by Jason Bourne, and not to forget Ethan Hunt... there's quite a few, too many to list here, actually.

And, now, there's a new player in the game, with Dominic Cooper taking on the role of British Special Forces operative John Stratton, in the forthcoming film Stratton. This isn't the first time we've seen Cooper be all cloak and dagger, portraying James Bond creator Ian Fleming in the BBC America miniseries Fleming.

The first trailer for the forthcoming action flick has just been released, and new guy Stratton, pulled from author Duncan Falconer's (that's a pseudonym, with him being a former commando himself) novels, isn't so much a hide in the dark kind of op. He's very up close and personal with the bad guys.

You can see what we mean in the below clip:

And, while not technically a spy, his character in the AMC series Preacher, ANOTHER title role, does have two sides to him in a way, which could fall under "secret" identity, aka, preacher to the residents of Annville, Texas, and, not known to many, the keeper of superpowers. The preacher can't really enter the spy game, though, it wouldn't be an even match (with him being possessed by a combo of devil and angel).

If you're up for adding another spy to your watch-list, Stratton will hit U.K. theaters on September 1. We're waiting on a U.S. release date, which we will update here once announced.

In addition to Cooper, you can also look for Tom Felton, Connie Nielsen, Gemma Chan and Derek Jacobi in Stratton.

If you were going to rank the fictional spies out there, who would top your list?