WATCH: 'Doctor Who's' Karen Gillan Runs into a Weeping Angel at Steven Moffat's Home

Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan made a visit to former DW showrunner Steven Moffat's home and shared an update via Instagram just yesterday (July 8).

It's sweet to know the two are still friendly. But, they were not alone; when strolling through Moffat's garden, Gillan came across a... stone-cold monster, aka, Weeping Angel:

In the above video, Gillan proves herself such a good sport and even bigger ham, possibly two traits to add to this Anglo post, 10 Reasons Karen Gillan is On Our Watch List (it's always growing).

And why does Moffat have a Weeping Angel in his backyard? Because he created them, of course:

She has completed filming on the 2019 Jumanji sequel and is currently filming the 2020 action movie Gunpowder Milkshake.

Moffat is re-teaming with Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss on the forthcoming Dracula series, which has recently started filming.

It's nice that the two can find time for a catch-up with such busy schedules.

Does the sight of a Weeping Angel still give you chills!?