WATCH: Did You Catch These Easter Eggs in the 'Doctor Who' Season 11 Teaser?

If you tuned into the 2018 World Cup Final yesterday (July 14) then you may have gotten a "fantastic" surprise. During the matchup between France and Croatia, BBC America released the first official trailer for the next season of Doctor Who, premiering this fall.

And, if you opted out of the sporting event, then no worries, we've got the first look footage for you here. The teaser trailer introduces us to Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. And, some of her friends, who are, appropriately, watching the World Cup themselves:

[bbca_video_embed media_id="1277364291694" video_id="_TtyRgpkcuPD"]

The clip kicks off with one of the Doctor's new friends, Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) eating baked beans. The Doctor does not like beans, as seen in the episode, "The Eleventh Hour," with the newly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) saying, "Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans."

But, eh, that doesn't mean the Doctor's friends can't indulge in the British staple? And, it appears that the bean dish transforms into what could be... is that fish fingers and custard?? The changeover happens so quickly, we had to watch it a few times, actually.

Near the end of the clip, we see another friend-to-be, Graham (Bradley Walsh), sitting at a diner counter reading a newspaper. The Doctor passes through the room unseen, but Graham picks up on her presence.

When Graham is back to himself, he glances down to see he's now reading a kids' mag called The Beano, which is the same exact issue, "Summer Special 1981," that appeared during Smith's reign as the Doctor:

And, not to skip over the third friend, Yasmin "Yaz" Khan (Mandip Gill), who we meet halfway through the clip. She is watching footie and eating pizza with her friends.

But, who doesn't like pizza?

The friends don't get a proper look at the Doctor, but the energy in the room is obvious. Something big is about to happen.

Season 11 is written by Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch), and directed by Jamie Childs (Next of Kin).

Is this all falling into place for you!?