WATCH: David Tennant and Michael Sheen Team Up for 'Good Omens' Trailer

The first trailer for Good Omens was released at New York Comic-Con over the weekend (October 6), showing David Tennant and Michael Sheen as unlikely BFFs.

That's not because they're not friends in real life. The two stars both appeared in 2003's Bright Young Things, Stephen Fry's film adaptation of Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh, and have stayed friendly since then.

It's because the characters they play couldn't be more different. David is the demon Crowley, who looks like a flame-haired, steampunk rocker, while Michael plays a stuffy, well-to-do angel called Aziraphale. Having lived among mortals for several thousand years, they're a little bummed when Armageddon comes along and decides to join forces to save the world.

Is it just us, or do they both somehow look like incarnations of the Doctor?

The series is the first in a new deal between Amazon Studios and Neil Gaiman, the co-writer of the original 1990 book with the late Terry Pratchett, and its panel was one of the highlights of NYCC.

David and Michael were joined by Neil and co-stars Miranda Richardson and Jon Hamm, who play Madame Tracy and the Archangel Gabriel (a character made up for the TV series) respectively, for a day of interviews about the new show.

There was an interview with the whole group, a behind-the-scenes chat with David and Michael, and even a Shakespeare-off between the two ex-Hamlets (with Jon Hamm subbing as Ophelia).

Good Omens will launch globally on Amazon Prime Video in 2019.

Are you excited about this?