WATCH: Dame Helen Mirren Stars in Hilarious Italian Vaccination Video 'La Vacinada'

There's nothing like a Dame – especially one who's game for a laugh. Dame Helen Mirren has teamed up with Italian comedian Checco Zalone for a playful YouTube video encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Titled "La Vacinada," the three-minute skit shows Zalone wooing the actress after he spots her at the side of the road. They proceed to dance romantically in a vineyard, play boules, and take tea together after Mirren's character reveals she has had both COVID-19 vaccinations.

Since premiering a week ago, the video has racked up 2.7 million YouTube views. "I am enthusiastic about the fact that my friend and admired colleague Checco Zalone asked me to appear with him in a video to promote the vaccination campaign," Mirren said in a statement obtained by Variety. "Working with a man of such elegance and genius is really an honor and I am very happy that there has been such a strong response to our work."

According to the Times of London, Zalone's lyrics poke good-natured fun at Mirren's age. "I love to dance with you, O’ Vacinada, face to face with this immunized old girl," he sings at one point.

Then later in the song, he adds: "I don’t care if your ankles are a bit swollen… Your movements are so suave and sensual, and it seems your femur is original."

Mirren has connections with Italy — she owns a converted farmhouse in the Puglia region, where this video may well have been shot. She previously starred in a very funny Super Bowl commercial with a serious message: urging football fans not to drink and drive after enjoying the game.

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