WATCH: Dame Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling Mine Comedy Gold in 'Late Night' Trailer

Are Dame Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling the comedy double act that 2019 needs? Judging on the new trailer for their upcoming movie Late Night, they certainly could be!

Thompson plays Katherine Newbury, a fictional talk show host who's really stuck in a rut: her show isn't funny anymore, and her network boss has told her to expect the axe within the year. But salvation comes in the unlikely form of Kaling's character Molly Patel, a wannabe comic brought in to revitalize the show's otherwise all-white, all-male writing team.

The trailer shows Thompson's host embracing a new bit which pokes fun at her starchy white image, and Kaling's novice writer going from strength to strength.

Late Night is a real passion project for Kaling, who also wrote the screenplay and co-produces. Nisha Ganatra, whose previous credits include an episode of Kaling's TV series The Mindy Project, directs, and the supporting cast includes Hugh Dancy and John Lithgow. It's due in theaters June 7.

Discussing how she created the character of Katherine Newbury, Thompson recently lamented the lack of female late-night talk show hosts.

"I drew quite a lot from David Letterman, but there's no one to base it on and that's the great thing that (Kaling's) done," she told USA Today.

"She's created something that didn't exist. And we all go, 'Oh, that's weird. Why doesn't it exist? Are women not as good at conversation?' No, it's just odd, isn't it? This should've been happening ages ago, it's absolutely bizarre. So basically, I made (Katherine) up. I played her as what I would've done if I were a talk show host."

Late Night is the second Dame Emma Thompson trailer to debut in as many weeks. She also appears in the teaser for Years and Years, the upcoming BBC drama series from former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies.

Are you excited to see Dame Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling in Late Night?