WATCH: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in Trailer for Poignant Romantic Drama Film 'Supernova'

The first trailer for romantic drama film Supernova is here, offering us a glimpse of the touching relationship between Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci's lead characters.

Directed by Harry Macqueen, who previously made the acclaimed British indie film Hinterland, Supernova follows a gay couple who have been together for 20 years as they take a road trip in a van around Northern England, reconnecting with old friends along the way.

The trip is made especially poignant by the fact that Tucci's character, Tusker, has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. The supporting cast includes Pippa Hayward (Line of Duty), Sarah Woodward (Quiz), and James Dreyfus (The Thin Blue Line).

Discussing what attracted him to the film, Firth told Deadline recently: "It’s the simple fact of it being two people who love each other, and it’s coming to an end, and the fear of losing the person you love. It’s just these two people, but the setting being the backdrop of the Lake District with its beautiful emptiness and vast space contrasted with this tiny space they live in in the van. It’s just the two of them and it’s all down to one person’s feelings for another."

Supernova is scheduled to arrive in U.K. theaters on November 27. Its U.S. release has yet to be confirmed, but given the positive reviews it's received at this week's San Sebastián Film Festival, it's surely only a matter of time.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in Supernova?