WATCH: Clive Owen and Rosamund Pike Play FBI Agents in 'The Informer' Trailer

Clive Owen (Duplicity) and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) have both signed on for the crime-drama The Informer. The two play FBI agents who are handlers for an informant, as the title suggests.

Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) takes on the role of a former special ops soldier, Pete Koslow, who is jailed after getting into a fight. The FBI promise him an early release if he works for them. When a sting goes awry, killing an undercover NYPD officer, Koslow finds himself in prison.

The General, a powerful NYC crime boss, thinks Koslow is doing his bidding on the inside. The FBI think Koslow is spying for them. This sounds very dangerous and very... tricky.

It seems Koslow has a change of heart and he wants out. But, it's not that easy, with Pike saying in the trailer, "We go along with the plan. Evidence buries The General for good. And if that happens, you're a free man."

The Informer hits theaters on August 30.

You can also look for Owen in the sci-fi movie Gemini Man, opposite Will Smith, in theaters on October 4. Pike is next up in 2020's Radioactive as Marie Curie.

What do you think of Clive Owen and Rosamund Pike on-screen together?