WATCH: Chewbacca Singing 'Silent Night' is the Only Carol You Need this Christmas

Move over, Mariah. YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended posted a hilarious version of a Christmas classic yesterday (December 22) sung by everyone's favorite Wookiee.

The results are, well, mixed. Chewie may not have the most tuneful voice (a harsher critic might mention that he sounds like a metal pipe being sawed in half), but you could never accuse him of not putting in the effort:

According to Variety, this isn't our first look at Chewie in caroling mode. The Wookiee's grunt-heavy version of Silent Night actually originated in 1999, but this updated edit incorporates footage from 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Whether you prefer the new or vintage version, it's always nice to see Chewie getting into the holiday spirit.

How about this as a Christmas soundtrack?