WATCH: Australian TV Series 'Tidelands' Heading to Netflix

At first glance, Australian series Tidelands appears to be a murder-mystery. But as the just released trailer rolls out, we're picking up on a supernatural element.

The eight-part series, releasing on Netflix December 19, revolves around a young woman, Cal Mcteer (Charlotte Best), who returns to her hometown of Orphelin Bay having spent the last 10 years in juvenile detention and jail, reports When a dead body washes up in the fishing village, she soon realizes this is not a straightforward — and isolated — tragedy.

In the clip, we see her chatting with a police officer friend, who warns her, "This place isn't normal." She seems to be catching his drift, responding, "A lot of men go missing out there, don't they?"

Hmm, why just the men?

Well, it's complicated. Enter local woman, Adrielle Cuthbert (Elsa Pataky), who says, "You feel it, too? Being away from the water, for so long..."

Yep, she feels it, and now it's up to Cal to uncover some uncomfortable — and eerie — truths about her home.

For one thing, could the town be made up of half-human, half-siren hybrids?

According to the Netflix description, that is indeed the case. We can't take all the credit for putting the clues together.

Are you going to add this Australian series to your mix of shows?