WATCH: Andrew Scott Reads Derek Mahon's Reassuring Poem 'Everything Is Going to be All Right'

If you're having kind of a tough day, Andrew Scott has a message for you.

The Sherlock and Fleabag actor has read "Everything Is Going to be All Right," a reassuring poem by Derek Mahon, as part of an Instagram poetry series endorsed by Emilia Clarke.

Irish poet Mahon wrote the poem while he was an undergraduate at Trinity College, Dublin, and its sentiments – realistic but optimistic – definitely chime with the times right now. "I lie here in a riot of sunlight watching the day break and the clouds flying," Scott recites comfortingly. "Everything is going to be all right."

Scott's reading is part of The Poetry Pharmacy, a series of books and poems “for the heart, mind, and soul” that Clarke is posting on Instagram to boost morale during the coronavirus crisis. Idris Elba, Stephen Fry and Helena Bonham Carter have all read poems for the series too.

In her Instagram post, Clarke said that Scott is welcoming donations to a healthcare nonprofit, Men Against Cancer Ireland, from folks who find his poetry reading especially useful.

Poems have been a source of comfort to many during the current pandemic, and we recently shared an article featuring 10 great actors including Alan Rickman and Fiona Shaw reading beautifully soothing and stirring poems.

Which actor would you like to see reading a reassuring poem next?