WATCH: Alicia Vikander Stars in Riveting Trailer for Ridley Scott's 'Earthquake Bird'

British author Susanna Jones' 2001 novel The Earthquake Bird is being adapted into a film, set to star Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) in the lead, with Ridley Scott acting as executive-producer, reports 

Vikander takes on the role of Lucy Fly. She's a British expat living in Japan, circa 1989. She speaks fluent Japanese and makes her living translating technical manuals into English. She's been in Japan for 10 years and knows her way around. She agrees to help a new arrival, Lily Bridges (Riley Keough), also from England, help acclimate to the area.

Lucy has gained a friend, but she's lost her lover. She blames it on Lily's intrusive, interloping behavior.

The story kicks off with Lucy being questioned about Lily's murder, as seen in the just released trailer:

The trailer ends with a voiceover of just Lily's voice, filled with desperation, as if pleaing, "I feel like something really bad is going to happen." Unfortunately, she was correct.

When the book first came out, it was described by Publishers Weekly as being "less a whodunit than an examination of the slippery nature of truth and memory, obsessions and betrayals..." Eh, we still want to know whodidit.

Okay, this is now going on the "to read" list, followed by the "to watch" list.

Earthquake Bird will be released in theaters on November 1, followed by a November 15 premiere on Netflix.

What do you think of the first look??