Val Kilmer Talked His Way into 'Top Gun: Maverick': 'The Reunion Felt Great'

It was announced two years ago that filming had begun on a Top Gun sequel, with the original premiering in 1986. Tom Cruise is set to return, with the movie being named after his character, Top Gun: Maverick.

And, we can look for Val Kilmer as Iceman, Maverick's rival. He was so keen to be a part of the production, that it sounds like he did some pleading. Kilmer's memoir released this week, with him writing in it, "As the Temptations sang in the heyday of Motown soul, ‘ain’t too proud to beg."

Initially, Kilmer was not scheduled to return, but he went around to all of the decision-makers, writing, “The producers went for it. Cruise went for it. Cruise couldn’t have been cooler… Tom and I took up where we left off. The reunion felt great.”

The original movie is set on a naval training base called Top Gun. The new film will see a new set of recruits, competing to be "the best of the best" fighter pilots.

In addition to Cruise and Kilmer, there's a roster of new actors to look for, including Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Miles Teller (Whiplash), Glen Powell (Scream Queens) and Jennifer Connelly (Noah).

Kilmer isn't in the latest trailer. Maybe he's their "secret weapon." Even so, here's a sneak peek:

Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled to hit theaters on December 23.

Do you think Maverick and Iceman are still rivals, some thirty years later?