Ty Tennant Gets Some Solid Advice from Actor Parents: 'Never Skip the Lunch Queue'

Last week, newbie actor Ty Tennant was talking about the possibility of joining Doctor Who. If asked, he wouldn't say no. 

It's the sort of thing that makes headlines, with his mum, dad and grandad all having starred in the sci-fi series. Ty currently stars in the TV adaptation of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. With this being his first major role, his parents, Georgia and David Tennant, had some advice for him.

And Ty was keen to share the directions they gave him with Metro U.K., saying, "When it comes to most of the auditions that I do, they really help me out. Figuring out how I’m going to do it when I go in, what the character should feel like."

Before he arrived to the War of the Worlds set, his Ps gave him a pep talk, with Ty relaying what was said: "This is your first proper day at work, and you’re going to enjoy it most of the time, and you’re going to really have a good time. But there are some things to keep in mind."

They advised him to always be on time and show up prepared, knowing his lines. They went one step further, with Ty paraphrasing, "There’s a thing about the lunch queue, and to never skip the lunch queue. The kind of odd thing about being on set that the crew are treated differently to the cast, and my parents basically said: 'Don’t push in front of the queue just because you’re an actor.'"

He summed it all up, with this final takeaway from the family pow-wow: "Treat everyone the same, because if you take one person out of the crew or the cast, it completely jumbles up the whole set so you need to stick together as a team. You’re each as worthy as one another."

This advice can pertain to many, if not all, aspects of life.

If you haven't seen Ty in War of the Worlds just yet, you can find the eight-part series over on Epix. 

Ty isn't just following in his family's acting footsteps, he's becoming an Anglo favorite, too.

Is Ty Tennant going on your watch list?