TWJ On Getting Down and Dirty

Time for your weekly Copper press roundup! Tom Weston-Jones sat down with Metro to chat about his dirtiest job yet - playing a Detective on the mean, unclean streets of New York City: "I had that dirt [from the set] under my nails for ages after we finished," he told Metro. “I loved doing the street scenes because it’s when it really felt like Five Points came alive. You saw all the extras in makeup and completely covered in crap. It was kind of like you walked into a place that just stank of horses—t every day, but you really liked it for that reason." Read about the whole dirty ordeal in Metro HERE. NY Daily News gave Copper big props, ranking the series numero uno in their “Top 10 things on TV for the week of Sept. 2, 2012” list, and MSN Entertainment's TV Buzz declared Copper “smart, captivating and edifying." A note for the Copper fashion fanatics out there - be sure to check out Franka Potente's interview with's Pop Style. Franka credited Copper costume designer Delphine White with Eva's edgy, top-hat lovin' look, telling Pop Style, "Me and Delphine said, ‘Listen, if nobody stops us, this is what we’re going to do.’ And [the character] became such a rock star.” Read Franka's interview with Pop Style HERE. We love critical acclaim, but we love commentary from our witty fans even more. Leave your own Copper reviews below!