Tom Holland Hosts Marvel-Themed Pub Quiz on Instagram

Tom Holland has done his bit to raise spirits during the coronavirus pandemic by hosting a Marvel-themed virtual pub quiz.

According to The Independent, more than 180,000 fans tuned in to watch the Spider-Man star's pub quiz on Instagram Live, which was held to raise money for his family nonprofit The Brothers Trust.

Holland made sure some of the questions were easier than others – ”Who did Kat Dennings play in Thor?” is an example of an easier one, while “How does Nick Fury like his toast?” is rather harder.

The 23-year-old Brit has a bit of a reputation for dropping spoilers – which is why he never gets given a script for an Avengers movie – and sure enough, he accidentally (and hilariously) revealed an answer for one of the questions as he posed it.

Never change, Tom! If you missed the actor's pub quiz, you're in luck, because he's now made the whole thing available on Instagram.

Holland also kept fans entertained earlier this month by kick-starting the viral T-shirt handstand challenge. Check out the actor trying to put on a T-shirt while doing a handstand below – it's pretty impressive stuff.

Virtual pub quizzes including this Doctor Who-themed one have become incredibly popular while folks all over the world stay home to self-isolate.

Which actor would you like to host one next?