Tom Hanks Reads Nice Tweets About People Sharing

Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn't mean all of the niceties have to stop. Tom Hanks called on his inner Mr. Rogers and read off some kind-hearted messages from Twitter.

Typically, it's celebrities reading off mean tweets. So, this is a nice spin on the skit. Hanks starts off with a McDonald's worker who changed the world, one Chicken McNugget at a time:

Hanks didn't just read the tweets, but gave his commentary. He even got a little choked up when seeing a dad had made his daughter a cookie cake, that read, "You're still my #1," after hearing she was broken up with.

Our favorite is probably the girl who tweeted about watching The Office over a fellow train rider's shoulder and him putting the subtitles on for her. Typically, the hoverer would be greeted with a scolding look and a forearm blocking the tablet.

These are some of the nicest tweets out there, about people sharing their time and energy, but we do wonder if they seem even nicer with Hanks reading them. He is Mr. Rogers after all. Well, at least on the big screen, starring in It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, in theaters now.

Do you have any additions to the ones he read off?