Tim Burton Working on a New 'Addams Family' Live-Action TV Series

The Addams family was first introduced to readers by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938, with his drawings published in The New Yorker. We've seen the Addams family as live-action before, with two TV series and three movies bringing the characters to life.
Director Tim Burton (Beetlejuice) has now signed on to create a third TV series. The description for what's to come is brief, but it's to be set in modern day, with Wednesday Addams telling the story, reports Empire Online.
Wednesday is daughter to Gomez and Morticia. She also has a little brother named Pugsley. and an uncle Fester and Grandmama to round out the supernatural clan. In addition to the family members, they have a live-in butler named Lurch.
If the story is new to you, here's a look at the series from 1964, starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones:

And the 1991 film starring Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston:
There's no talk of casting just yet, but Burton will be working with Smallville's Alfred Gough and Miles Millar as co-showrunners.
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