The "Other" 'X-Men" TV Series Gets a Title... Maybe

We've been talking about Fox's forthcoming X-Men series for a minute now, and we've been struggling a bit with how to refer to it, because... it didn't have a name. But, those are days of old, because — drumroll please — it's called, Gifted.

We like it. Actually, no matter what the name ended up being, we'd be pleased, because it just feels more official now. We were getting that, "We'll name the baby when she arrives at the hospital," feeling.

[Insert record needle scratch sound.]

This just in: it turns out, this may or may not be a working title, according to Gizmodo, via them turning to Entertainment Weekly. It's a bit confusing, and a little frustrating, like we're on the verge of yelling out, "JUST PICK A NAME," but, we'll take it. The producers may have done this for us lost souls (we exaggerate), who need something to hold onto. And, at the least, need a name to write down versus referring to the series as "the other" or "another" X-Men series. And, fans can now tweet their reactions and tag it to #Gifted.

Based on the series' synopsis, the title seems suitable, at least for now, with the story revolving around two parents learning their children have mutant powers. Just last week, True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Person of Interest's Amy Acker were announced as the first major castings, portraying Reed and Kate Stewart. We now know who will play the parents, but what about their gifted offspring? Hmm...

A character poster has been released, and it's probably safe to say the characters "Lauren" and "Andy" are the Stewart kids, but we'd rather not make any assumptions. Even so, it looks like the casting is shaping up:

Along with the possible title reveal, we see the cast assembled for a table reading, courtesy of a tweet from producer Lauren Shuler Donner:

Some of the cast members, along with director Bryan Singer and writer Matt Nix traveled to Dallas, TX, to begin filming. And most, if not all, were in the spirit, giving the "X" sign:

The premiere date has yet to be announced, but we're hoping it will be sooner than later based on the recent turn of events.

Since it's not clear if the working title will stick — do you have any suggestions?