Season 19's Top 10 Most-Watched Moments

The Graham Norton Show's latest season — like every season — had its fair share of eye-widening moments, but which ones couldn't fans get enough of? Here are the top 10! Which was your favorite?

1. Matt Leblanc Asks Emila Clarke 'How You Doin'?

[bbca_video_embed media_id="696725059576" video_id="PwI_IjhLtyT7"]

2. Chris Hemsworth is Perfect

[bbca_video_embed media_id="707790403550" video_id="dLDzxhkwwhDn"]

3. Jennifer Lawrence Embarrasses Herself in Front of Harrison Ford

[bbca_video_embed media_id="685392963862" video_id="ocAyGMJhXUUc"]

4. Paul Rudd Basic Instinct'd Michael Douglas

[bbca_video_embed media_id="679190083729" video_id="ogxTxLz9rzPK"]

5. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig Go to a Strip Club

[bbca_video_embed media_id="710524483862" video_id="6IaS9N9kaoBl"]

6. Paul Rudd Doesn't Age

[bbca_video_embed media_id="679190083731" video_id="uq8UWne6QJ19"]

7. Ryan G'osling's Turkish Massage Disaster

[bbca_video_embed media_id="690036291653" video_id="4vJ4IEpKuwu6"]

8. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig's Folk Cover of the 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song

[bbca_video_embed media_id="707790403551" video_id="Cd84GflAqL5K"]

9. Jean-Claude Van Damme Really Kicked Liam Hemsworth in the Chest

[bbca_video_embed media_id="705259587971" video_id="X1ZF8MMBkVUl"]

10. Ewan McGregor Can't Remember His 'The Force Awakens' Line

[bbca_video_embed media_id="661945411676" video_id="t4hCbvFmUUhq"]