The Evolution of Robert Pattinson: 6 Standout Roles You May Not Know About

Robert Pattinson got his big break in 2005, starring in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory. He then went on to star in the Twilight series (2008-2012). While these are hugely popular franchises, Pattinson has worked hard to prove his versatility as an actor. He's gone out of his way to take on challenging roles, like in his most recent project The Lighthouse

It seems audiences have moved past his HP/Twilight years, but some of his lesser-known roles may have slipped under the radar during the transition from tween heartthrob to leading man.

If that's the case, here are six projects worth putting on your watch list:

1. How to Be

In the 2008 dramedy How to Be, Pattinson plays a young man by the name of Art, going through a "quarter-life crisis." Art works in a grocery store but aspires to be a musician. There's one slight flaw with that plan, he is not musically inclined, nor talented. But rather than relying on fate to dictate his future, Art hires a self-help coach for guidance.

2. The Summer House

No role is too small for Pattinson, nor project too short, having started in the 2009 13-minute film The Summer House. At the start of the film, Pattinson's character dumps his girlfriend (Talulah Riley). She runs away to France to nurse her broken heart. After a change of heart, he follows her abroad to win her back.

3. The Rover

2014's The Rover is set in the Australian outback, following a global economic breakdown. It's pretty much every man for himself, even when it comes to brothers. Pattinson portrays Rey, who is left behind by his brother when a car heist goes wrong. He's befriend by a loner, played by Guy Pearce, who teaches him what it takes to survive.

4. Good Time (2017)

Pattinson stepped into the crime-thriller genre in 2017, starring in Good Time. He portrays Connie Nikas, a bank robber on the run. Like, literally. He is racing against time to help his brother (Benny Safdie) out of a bad situation.

5. Damsel 

Pattinson went back to the Wild Wild West in the 2018 dramedy Damsel. He traverses the tough terrain of the American frontier to meet up with his fiancée (Mia Wasikowska). During the journey, he ponders exactly what he's signing up for. Let's just say, Penelope, his lady love... didn't get the memo on this lifelong commitment.

6. High Life

And finally, Pattinson stars in 2018's sci-fi thriller High Life. He portrays a prisoner, living on a space ship, headed toward a black hole with the mission to extract energy. They're overseen by a Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche), who does unethical tests on the prisoners without them knowing.

Pattinson is signed on to star in 2021's The Batman as Bruce Wayne. It appears these smaller roles have paid off... Batman is definitely on the radar.

Are you going to have a Robert Pattinson binge this weekend!?