'The Conjuring' Director James Wan to Produce 'The Troop' Horror Flick

James Wan is credited with creating or working on huge horror franchises like Saw and The Conjuring. He's now tackling the film adaptation for Nick Cutter's 2016 horror novel The Troop.

He and his production company, Atomic Monster, will be bringing the camping tale to the big screen, reports Deadline. 

The story follows scoutmaster Tim Riggs, who leads a troop of teenage boys into the wilderness each year. The trip may result in bug bites, but for the most part, they typically all come out unscathed.

This year, though, the adult advisor and scouts are greeted by an unexpected visitor, a shockingly thin, very pale and super hungry man. It's not just that he is interrupting their bonding session, but he's infected with a "bioengineered nightmare."

It's not clear what he's carrying, but it can't be good. The out-of-bounds outing becomes a story of survival, from the infection and from each other, with the book's description saying, "one by one, the boys will do things no person could ever imagine."

E.L. Katz (Channel Zero) is on board to direct, with Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald writing the script.

Wan is currently working on The Conjuring 3, acting as producer. The film will see the return of original cast members Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Are you going to rethink any upcoming camping trips??