The '80s Sci-Fi Series 'ALF' is Making a Comeback

Gordon Shumway, better known as Alf, arrived on Earth in 1986. The furry extraterrestrial delighted American TV viewers with four seasons of his hijinx-packed sitcom, running through 1990.

If you watched the series in real-time, you'll be as pleased as us to learn ALF is getting a second run, according to TVLine. And if  you're thinking "who is Alf?," let us reassure you that he is about to become your new TV crush.

Alf, which stands for "Alien Life Form," was originally voiced by Paul Fusco. Fusco was also the puppeteer for the series, as well as its co-creator, writer, director and EP. It hasn't been confirmed if Fusco will be returning for the ALF reboot, which is in development at Warner Bros.

And, while Alf had a craving for household cats and was a little disgruntled, for the most part, he was a sweetie pie. He hails from the planet Melmac, and when his spaceship crash-landed on Earth, he was taken in by the Tanner family. He caused a lot of chaos in their lives, but they loved him like their own and even went so far as to hide him from the Alien Task Force.

TVLine points out that even though ALF has been off the air for close to three decades, the character is a pop culture icon and receives regular nods from TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and Mr. Robot, as well as films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Hot Tub Time Machine.

As of now, the WB is looking for a writer to take the lead on the series.

If you need a little refresher of the original series, here is a look at the opener:

Also, in 2010, a viewer put together a fanmade "Best Of" clip:

Reruns of the series can be found on MeTV and the Starz App. Or you can find the boxset over at

Is there room in your life for more of this cuddly wiseguy?