Thandiwe Newton Reclaims Correct Spelling of Her Name for Her Acting Career

From now on, the actress previously known as Thandie Newton will be credited as Thandiwe Newton.

The Emmy-winning actress has revealed that she is reclaiming the original, correct spelling of her name for professional purposes after three decades of being billed as "Thandie."

The "w" was erroneously missed out of Newton's first screen credit in 1991; then, the Anglicized version of her name stuck as her career went from strength to strength. But in all future roles, she will be referred to "Thandiwe Newton."

"That’s my name. It’s always been my name. I’m taking back what’s mine," she told British Vogue.

Newton was give the name Melanie Thandiwe Newton by her Zimbabwean mother and English father when she was born in London in 1972. The name Thandiwe means "beloved" in Shona, the language of Zimbabwe.

During her interview with British Vogue, writer Diana Evans notes that Newton "posits herself as a Londoner as opposed to British." Newton recalls that when she won her BAFTA Film Award in 2004 for Crash, she opened a British newspaper to find that the publication had described her as "not really British" because she had a Black parent.

"I remember thinking, ‘But it’s a British win! Why don’t you wanna take that? Why would you not wanna dig that and embrace it and feel really good?’” Newton said.

The actress's upcoming roles include the sci-fi movie Reminiscence, thriller movie All the Old Knives, and season 4 of Westworld, the show for which she won an Emmy in 2018.

You can also catch her in season four of Line of Duty on AMC+.

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