Steven Moffat Shares Photo from First Day of Filming 'Dracula'

Filming for co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' forthcoming BBC series Dracula has begun (hoorah!). Moffat has turned to Instagram to commemorate the first day with a fun, straightforward snap from set today (March 4).

While Moffat's choice of subject matter for the photo op might be a little too spelled out for some, we do get a peek at the stone structure behind the sign. And per usual, we do appreciate his humor which is captured in his caption, saying they're waiting for the man vampire of the hour to come out.

We will have to wait to see the Prince of Darkness, aka Count Dracula, roam the castle that's mentioned in the above. As we previously announced (November 28), Claes Bang is set to take on the title role. Bang recently starred in The Girl in the Spider's Web, opposite Claire Foy. If you can't quite place him in the movie, he was the blonde baddie tracking Lisbeth (Foy). 

The three-part series Dracula is a period piece, based in Victorian England, and will make the famed vampire "the hero of his own story," said the creators in an interview with RadioTimes.

Dracula is expected to premiere later this year, airing on BBC One in the U.K. and Netflix in the U.S.

Are you excited to see what this writing team comes up with (again)!?