Steve Coogan Reveals 'Alan Partridge' TV Series Plans While in Court

Steve Coogan found himself in court after being pulled over for going 36mph in a 30mph zone, according to The Guardian. That doesn't sound like a huge discrepancy, but apparently he already had nine points on his license for other violations and was facing a six-month driving ban.

How did he argue himself out of this? Coogan has an upcoming travel series, starring him as Alan Partridge, and it calls on... driving. The court recognized that if he were to delay the show it would put some 10-15 people out of work.

Coogan pleaded his case, saying, "I’m basically driving around Britain. The whole nature of the series is that it is a travelogue and it’s an artistic thing that he drives and that defines his character."

It sounds like he got a little sassy when presenting his case: "You couldn’t put him on a train because that's not who he is. It’s a part of his character that he drives."

The above comment could've easily backfired and agitated the magistrates, but it seems they took mercy on the actor, instead enforcing a two-month driving ban.

So, what's the moral of the story? It looks like we're getting a new Alan Partridge TV series, with filming to begin in the next six months. And if you think you see Coogan on public transit, it may just be him.

ICYMI, here's a look at Coogan as Partridge in the latest series This Time with Alan Partridge:

Hmm, do you think Coogan should have gone into court in character as Alan Partridge?