Six-Part TV Series Being Made About Joan and Jackie Collins' Lives

Joan and her late sister Jackie Collins are getting a biopic series, based on their lives, reports Deadline.

The story will start long before the Dynasty star's famous shoulder-padded days, beginning when the women were just teenage girls living in post-war London. But, if you are keen to learn how the two made their way to Beverly Hills, CA, no need to fret, the story will continue on into the 1980s.

While Joan has enjoyed a high-profile career as an actress (American Horror Story), her sister was no wallflower, making a name for herself as a novelist, with bestsellers like 1983's Hollywood Wives.

Sadly, Jackie passed away in 2015 from breast cancer. She is survived by her sister, who released a statement about the project for the both of them saying, "I am delighted that such a prestigious team wants to tell our story, and I know my sister Jackie would be as excited as I am to be involved."

That "prestigious team" is Sony Pictures, Fable Pictures and playwright Penelope Skinner. It's yet to be announced where the series will air, but with it taking place in both the U.K. and U.S.... possibly we can expect it to broadcast in both nations.

We just mentioned Joan in Anglo's weekly installment of On the Beat, featuring an Instagram page dedicated to her alter ego, Dynasty's Alexis Carrington.

In the meantime, if you're keen to catch up with Joan herself, she is active as ever over at Twitter:

When we think of a power stance, our go-to mental picture is of Joan Collins in a shoulder-padded suit. Is it just us!?