Sir Patrick Stewart is Not Happy with James McAvoy

Sir Patrick Stewart joined Seth Meyers last night (July 18) to talk about his role in The Emoji Movie, but the late night talkshow host was just as interested in another movie of his out this year.

Logan saw Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick reprise their roles as Wolverine and Professor X respectively, and after one particular screening both actors confirmed it would be the final outing for their characters.

"It was unexpected," he told Seth. "I did not plan that. We were at what was for me my first public screening at the Berlin Film Festival. I was sitting alongside Hugh and the last five or six minutes of the movie are quite emotional and sad. And at one point Hugh just reached over and took my hand, and squeezed it, like this.

"When the movie ended and the credits rolled, we had to sit and wait there for a long time. I realised there could be no better way to say farewell to the X-Men franchise."

Aw. And a perfect farewell it was too. There's just one thing: as Sir Patrick was at pains to point out, that doesn't mean the end for Professor X. No. As longterm Anglo readers know, James McAvoy is getting ready to film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the next installment in the mutants saga, as the young Professor Charles Xavier.

The two actors have enjoyed a friendly rivalry in the past (specifically when it comes to razors and shaving their heads), which makes sense, given they essentially play the same character.

In this interview, however, Sir Patrick suggested it went a little further than that:

...We're 90% sure he's joking.

Who's your favorite Professor X?