Sir Ian McKellen Takes Up Painting During Quarantine

(Photo: Getty Images)

Ian McKellen took part in a virtual get together with some of his acting friends, including Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Derek Jacobi, with Kenneth Branagh hosting.

During the online chat, which took place over Zoom to raise funds for the charity Acting for Others, McKellen revealed a self-portrait he painted during quarantine. And not any ol' self-portrait. The first one of its kind.

McKellen said of his newfound hobby, "I use acrylic paint which is very easy because it all dissolves in water," reports the Evening Standard.

You can take a peek at his artwork here.

In addition to his self-portrait, McKellen has been dabbling with still life, saying, "I’m basically copying things at the moment. I’m looking forward to the time quite soon after the vaccine when I can go out and sit across the road at my easel and paint my house from the outside."

In the online chat, Dench talked about how keen she was when hearing about McKellen's newfound hobby. She even sent him a first prize gift to celebrate his accomplishment, but it's not clear exactly what that was.

Smith talked about what she's been up to during quarantine, saying she's "done absolutely nothing constructive." We're picking up on some sarcasm there. Jacobi, on the other hand, has been keeping busy with gardening, reading and walking the dog.

Who wants Sir Ian to paint their portrait? Please let us know in the comments.