Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver are Teaming Up for ‘Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose’

(Photos: Getty Images) 
Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver are set to co-star in the forthcoming dark comedy Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose, reports Deadline. This marks the first time the two are working together.
We will say, that is quite the title. Nandor Fodor is the name of Pegg’s character.  And, the talking mongoose, that’s pretty self-explanatory. We can look for Driver as Anne, who is Fodor’s assistant.
Actually, it's possible the talking mongoose part does need some explaining. The story is based on true events, revolving around real-life psychoanalyst Fodor. He’s in search of a talking mongoose, who is affectionately named Gef.
Writer-director Adam Sigal talks about bringing the story to screen in a statement, saying, “Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose is such a unique story that I couldn’t believe it was true. There’s nobody else other than Simon who could embody this character and take us on this insane journey and I can’t wait to get started.”
If you’d like to learn more about Fodor, you can do so with this New York Times write-up. Fodor wasn’t just a man of science, he was also a ghost hunter.
The project has begun production in Leeds, England.
We’re liking this on-screen pairing. What about you?