'Seven Worlds, One Planet' Asia: How to Help Rainforests, Orangutans, Rhinos and Whale Sharks

The tropical forests of Indonesia are biodiversity hotspots, and provide a hidden sanctuary to rare species like orangutans and Sumatran rhinos. The organizations below are fighting to protect these threatened habitats from increasing deforestation, and to save the critically endangered animals who live there. Visit their pages for more information on how you can help in these important conservation efforts.

Asian Rainforest, Orangutan and Rhino Conservation Organizations:

Additional resources for your information:

The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary is working to save one of the planet's most endangered species from extinction. Watch to find out more about the Sumatran rhinos who call the rainforests of Indonesia home:

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And a special thanks to the Seven Worlds, One Planet: Asia crew, who worked tirelessly to bring these incredible wildlife stories to the screen:

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