Sandra Oh's Parents Won the 2018 Emmys

Look, we all wanted Sandra Oh or Tatiana Maslany to win Best Actress last night (at least all of us at BBC America...) And although the ultimate victory just wasn't in the cards (or rather, the ballots), it's fair to say Sandra Oh and her downright adorable parents stole the show.

First, they arrived...

Fans couldn't help but notice Oh's mother was wearing a traditional hanbok.

For those unfamiliar, a hanbok is a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. The ladies of The Today Show even deemed Mrs. Oh best-dressed of the night!

Can't really argue with that, although her daughter gave her a bit of a run for her money...

I would like to give a nod to Sandra's father as well, whose handkerchief was flawless.

Walking a red carpet is difficult enough, but with your parents? It can't be easy. Sandra made it look like a breeze, proudly introducing them to journalists and her peers.

The joy (and shock!) on Sandra's face at how genuinely proud her mother is of her was everything.

And I'm only a little bit jealous that Mama Oh met Jess Mariano before me... (Did you notice he not only shook their hands but put his other hand on top of theirs?! Respect.)

They finally got inside for the big event where Sandra really shined, participating in multiple sketches throughout the night.

Sandra was celebrating a historic nomination as the first actor of Asian descent to be nominated for Best Actress, but I can't imagine it wasn't even more exhilarating to represent her community with a line like this.

And maybe I'm biased, but I genuinely thought Sandra and Andy Samberg's presentation was the funniest of the night.

Ultimately, we all know what happened: Sandra didn't win.

But didn't she, though?