Ralph Fiennes In Talks to Star as Sought-After Chef in 'The Menu'

Ralph Fiennes is in talks to star in the forthcoming psychological thriller The Menu. The casting is not 100% confirmed, but it's swirling the internet, with all arrows pointing at... a-go!

According to the film's description, the story revolves around an exclusive restaurant, located on a remote island. Upon arrival, guests will be treated to a lavish tasting menu, prepared by an acclaimed chef (Fiennes).

The movie is also deemed a dark comedy, hence us thinking this chef is quite sinister.

And, it's not just us, the folks over at Vulture are guessing his unique dishes lean toward cannibalism. 

It's not clear what the chef's ingredients are, or why his cooking is so enticing that people will actually get on a plane to dine at his restaurant, but it's definitely piqued our interest.

Plus, we trust Fiennes' choice in projects (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and that there's something to look forward to here.

It's not just Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy stars as one of the guests, who travels to the island.

In the meantime, you can also look for Fiennes in the forthcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die, premiering on October 8.

What do you think his secret ingredient is? Any guesses!?