Rachel Weisz Calls for More 'Good, Complex' Roles in Today's Films

There's no denying that Rachel Weisz is enjoying a hot streak. She's won rave reviews for her performance in the 2017 romantic drama Disobedience, a film she also produced, and picked up Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations for her work in thequirky historical comedy The Favourite.

In The Favourite, she and Emma Stone play 18th century courtiers competing for the affections of Olivia Colman's somewhat troubled Queen Anne.

“At this present time in cinema and storytelling, it’s sadly quite unusual I think, for all three characters – that all three women, are so textured and layered and complex and have such different aspects to their character," Weisz told the Press Association. “They are not one thing, they are a million things each.”

Continuing, Weisz said "things are improving" in terms of the scripts she gets sent, but acknowledged that actors of any gender may feel limited by two-dimensional writing.

“Films in the '40s and '50s, they always had very complex strong women who could be vulnerable and villainous and regal and kind and all the adjectives that you could list," she explained.

“At the moment there is good writing for women, but I think if a man were sitting here he would say it’s hard to find good, complex writing even for men so I think fiction for humans is maybe not as interesting as it could be in cinema. It’s not just women, but we make up half the world.”


In Disobedience, Weisz stars opposite Rachel McAdams. They play two women whose romantic attraction for one another is frowned upon by the Orthodox Jewish community in North London where they grew up.

“I’ve always played opposite men, so it just seemed like about time," she said of her back-to-back roles in female-led films. “It was very refreshing and very liberating. You’re guaranteed at least two [good] roles for women, rather than just one, so you’re off to a good start already.”

Do you agree that there's a lack of complex roles for actors in today's films?