Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Live Theater Performance of 'Fleabag' Heading to Streaming Video

Phoebe Waller-Bridge took the lead as writer and showrunner for season one of BBC America's Killing Eve. But, before that, she created and starred in the TV series Fleabag. And, before that, she starred in the one-woman stage show, by the same name.

If you had the chance to see Fleabag on stage in London's West End, that's wonderful. But if not, and you find yourself pining for the experience, those days are over. Waller-Bridge is releasing the footage of her performance to Amazon Prime, which will be available for streaming on Friday, April 10.

She's doing this as a fundraiser for COVID-19 efforts and a way to help entertain those at home, saying in a statement, "I hope this filmed performance of Fleabag can help raise money while providing a little theatrical entertainment in these isolated times.”

"Thank you to all our partners and to the creative team who have waived their royalties from this production to raise money for such vital causes in this unbelievably challenging situation. All money raised will support the people throughout our society who are fighting for us on the frontlines and those financially devastated by the crisis, including those in the theater community. Thank you in advance to those who donate. Now go get into bed with Fleabag. It’s for charity."

The production will also be available in the U.K. and Ireland via Soho Theatre’s On Demand streaming site starting today (April 6). The cost of streaming the program, approximately $5 (£4), will be donated to organizations like the National Emergencies Trust, NHS Charities Together and Acting for Others.

The below provides a refresher on the character and storyline, as well, includes a snippet from the stage:

Did you see Fleabag on stage? How'd it go!