Owen Wilson Gets the Loki 101 from Tom Hiddleston Going into New Marvel Series

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No matter what one's job is, it's good to show up prepared. And that's just what Owen Wilson did for the forthcoming Loki TV series, a spinoff of the Thor movies.

Tom Hiddleston returns to reprise his role of the god of mischief, with Wilson set to take on the role of Mobius M. Mobius.

Mobius is a member of the Time Variance Authority and his job is to manage timelines. And, that may also include managing Loki, which would be a full-time job in itself.

Wilson talked to The Jess Cagle Show about getting to set, where Hiddleston sped him up on all things Loki, saying, "And so he, for a couple days, walked me through everything and the whole lore and showing me clips from the other movies and how it all fed into this story," reports ComingSoon.net. 

Wilson referred to him as a "Loki lecturer," which us makes us think of him enrolling in Loki 101.

We may not be far off...

He went on to say, "And even in the way sometimes that he would describe his character, it was useful for me, because my character Mobius in Loki is kind of interviewing him at some point. So, it kind of worked doing it that way."

It wasn't necessarily only beneficial to Wilson, either — it sounds like a bit of a rehearsal for the two.

You can see a clip of the interview over at the SiriusXM Twitter page. 

Filming has begun on Loki, with a premiere date predicted for May. If all goes well, you can look for the new series over at Disney+.

In the meantime, the first look trailer has LOTS to look at:

Oh, Loki, he's so bad he's good. Are you up for more of this conflicted supervillian?