New Zealand-Based Miniseries 'The Luminaries' Starring Eva Green Is Headed Stateside

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The BBC action-drama The Luminaries premiered in the U.K. in 2020 and has now found a home in the U.S., heading to Starz, reports Deadline. 

Based on Eleanor Catton's 2013 novel, the story revolves around a British adventurer by the name of Anna Wetherell (Eve Hewson). Wetherell sails from Britain to New Zealand during the 1860s Gold Rush. There she meets American Lydia Wells, played by French actress Eva Green (Penny Dreadful). Wells owns a fortune-telling parlor, giving Wetherell a job as a waitress.

Green describes her character via the BBC One show page, saying, "She can have whatever she desires no matter the cost, so she’s quite naughty and she’s completely blinded by greed. She is a baddie."

Wetherell is in search of fortune, but stumbles upon love when crossing paths with fellow traveler Emery Staines. The two have an instant connection, but they are separated as quickly as they meet.

Himesh Patel, who takes on the role of Staines, describes their relationship to BBC One, saying, "They arrange to meet but circumstances get in the way and they don’t find each other for a long time. Emery is looking for Anna but a number of things happen along the way that force him in one direction and then another. Eventually, when he does find her again, so much has changed."

All right, we know the heroine has a part-time job and a maybe love interest, but... what about the gold!?

When Wetherell gets accused of murder, her search for gold is put on hold.

The trailer elaborates on that bit, the center of the story bit, which you can find below:

You can look for The Luminaries over at Starz on February 14.

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