New Trailer: Warwick Davis Stars in ‘Willow’ TV Series

(Photo: Getty Images) 
Warwick Davis first starred as Willow Ufgood in the 1988 fantasy-adventure movie Willow, directed by Ron Howard. At the time, Willow dabbled in magic and was working his way up to full-fledged sorcerer.
Here we are, thirty-four years later and Davis is back as Willow for the Disney+ TV series, also named Willow, reports The question is, has he made it to sorcerer level?
In the new trailer we meet a princess named Kit (Ruby Cruz), whose twin brother has been kidnapped. She goes in search of Willow to ask for his help in finding her brother:

The trailer reveals the answer to our question: yes, he is a sorcerer. And, the answer to Kit’s question, yes, Willow is more than inclined to help. She may be a princess in distress, but don’t get us wrong, she is more than equipped to handle herself in the forest.
It takes a strong person to ask for help. Willow and the princess also call on a warrior (Erin Kellyman) and Kit’s lady in waiting (Ellie Bambe) to make the trek.
Ron Howard won’t be directing this time around, but he is acting as producer. You can look for the Willow TV series on November 30. 
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