New Trailer: 'Wallander' Is Getting a Prequel Series Called 'Young Wallander'

You may already be familiar with the Wallander (2008-2016) series starring Kenneth Branagh. Branagh stars as Swedish detective Kurt Wallander, who is slightly troubled but really spot on when it comes to solving crimes.

The original series is based on Henning Mankell's novels, with a prequel series coming out that reimagines Wallander's earlier years. You can look for Adam Pålsson (Avenue 5) as Wallander in his twenties, and the story gives us some insight on how he came to be a seasoned sleuth.

In Young Wallander we meet him right as he graduates from the police academy and is thrown into his first ever case. As seen in the below trailer, he witnesses a brutal crime and his supervisor advises him, "Wallander, don't skip the counseling."

Not sure if he took her up on the advice, but he doesn't seem fazed in the least bit:

If Wallander is new to you, here's a peek at the trailer for season one with Branagh:

You can look for Young Wallander streaming via Netflix as of September 3.

Do you feel like the two series match up?