New Trailer: Sherlock Holmes' Story Gets a Supernatural Retelling in 'The Irregulars'

(Photo: Netflix)

We've seen many on-screen iterations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, whether it be on TV or the big screen. The latest version was the made-for-streaming movie with his sister, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), telling her account of mysterious goings-on.

The forthcoming Netflix series The Irregulars is told from the perspective of a group of street teens, who report to Doctor Watson, Holmes' right-hand man. Empire Online describes Watson as "sinister" and Holmes as his business partner. That is not the Watson we've known up until now, so, it seems this new series is taking some liberties with Doyle's characters.

Watson is played by Royce Pierreson (Line of Duty), with Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Killing Eve) taking on the role of Holmes.

While these two are iconic, The Irregulars seems to be more about the kids, who act as tipsters:

In the above trailer, we see a newspaper headline that reads, "Demonic Murder Stuns Police." In a traditional Holmes story, he would use deductive reasoning to come to a rational conclusion. But, in this series, a supernatural element has been added into the mix.

It seems the creator, Tom Bidwell (My Mad Fat Diary), has definitely pulled out the artistic license here.

Even so, we can still count on the story being set in London, England, with 221 Baker Street as HQ.

In addition to Pierreson and Lloyd-Huges, you can look for Thaddea Graham as Bea, Darci Shaw as Jessie, Jojo Macari as Billy, Mckell David as Spike, Harrison Osterfield as Leopold and Clarke Peters as The Linen Man.

We can look for this supernatural-infused sleuthing story on March 26 over at Netflix.

Are you okay with this classic becoming a hybrid of genres?