New Trailer: Rosamund Pike Stars as Swindler in 'I Care a Lot'

We cannot get enough of Rosamund Pike in 2014's Gone Girl, watching it on repeat. Even though she plays a psychopath in the David Flincher thriller, we still find ourselves cheering for her...

And, here she is again, with her latest character similarly narrating a not-so-honorable story in the forthcoming Netflix movie I Care a Lot. Pike takes on the role of Marla Grayson, who works as a legal guardian to those who require assistance.

Grayson takes her job a little too far, though, committing people into elder care homes prematurely, before it's actually needed. And while the unsuspecting seniors are preoccupied, she then goes ahead and sells their homes and pockets the profit.

The slightly NSFW trailer, because of language, can be found over on the Netflix YouTube page. 

With Grayson being the founder and CEO of Grayson Guardianships, she may somehow be pulling this all off legally, even if it's definitely shady.

Grayson's latest target, Jennifer Petersen (Dianne Wiest), has friends who are onto Grayson's scheme and are going to stand up for Petersen.

In the trailer, Grayson is cornered and told to stay away from Petersen or things will be made uncomfortable for her. Grayson calls their bluff, asking, "How uncomfortable?"

Oh, so uncomfortable to be shoved into the trunk of a car and driven out to the middle of nowhere.

While we look forward to more of Pike on-screen, we can easily say that we are not cheering for her character this time around.

I Care a Lot will be available for streaming on February 19.

Is this going on your watch list?