New Trailer: Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway Star in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Reboot 'The Hustle'

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels premiered in 1988, starring Anglophenia favorite Michael Caine and all-around fave Steve Martin. The two played rival con artists, who would take the money of wealthy unsuspecting women, set in the south of France. The 1988 film was based off of 1964's Bedtime Story, starring Marlon Brando, David Niven and Shirley Jones.

The comedy is getting a second life, with the 2019 reboot renamed The Hustle. It will star Aussie actress Rebel Wilson and America's sweetheart Anne Hathaway in the lead roles.

This time around, the ladies are giving "dirty rotten men" a run for their money, according to the movie's tagline.

A trailer for the film was just released (February 12), and we get a look at the women who get what they want:

In the first-look footage we see Wilson's swindling skills. She wrangles a dinner, a beverage and three pieces of cake from a fellow train rider. And, Hathaway's character witnesses the entire thing. We kind of love when Wilson leans into Hathaway and loudly whispers, "I'm a con artist." Typically a two-timer wouldn't admit their wrongdoings so freely, but maybe she feels a kinship with this new acquaintance.

And, she isn't wrong. Hathaway's character is in the fraud business, too.

We'd like to point out, early on in the trailer Hathaway puts on a British accent. A very over-the-top, hard to believe, British accent to be exact. But, then we hear her talking to a man as an American.

Which one is it?? If she does play British for the most part of the movie, and then take on other personas, we have a feeling her exaggerated accent might be done on purpose. In 2016, Hathaway had a rap battle with late night host James Corden, where he spit a line, saying, "This is for the whole U.K., mad at you for your awful British accent in the film One Day."  She seems to have a sense of humor about it. 

If it's been a minute since seeing the first film, the two con artists both have their eye on the same mark. They agree that their personalities are too big for them both to live in the same area. They make a pact, who ever successfully dupes the target, wins the right to stay. With the other person agreeing to leave without hassle.

Here's a peek at the trailer for the 1998 version:

The Hustle will hit theaters May 10.

The 1988 film was such a joy, we're keen to see more. What about you!?