New Trailer: Paul Mescal Plays Single Dad to Tween in ‘Aftersun’

(Photo: Getty Images) 
Paul Mescal is set to star in the forthcoming feature film Aftersun, reports The synopsis describes him as a “young dad,” which made us think he may have an infant or toddler… nope.
His daughter in the film is an adolescent, age 11, played by Francesca Corio. Mescal himself is 26-years-old, so if we do the math, his character was a teen himself when he became a parent.
In the newly released trailer, we see the dad and daughter duo palling around on a vacation in Turkey:

We hear Mescal’s character, Calum, give out fatherly advice, saying, “You can talk to me about anything. Whatever parties you go to. Boys you meet. Drugs you take.” She replies in a typical fashion of someone her age, exclaiming, “Dad!”
Later on in the clip she does talk to him, saying, “I just feel a bit down or something. Whenever you feel like tired and down and your bones don’t work. Like you’re sinking.” What she’s describing sounds like depression. She knows what she’s feeling, but she may not know exactly what it's called or how to manage it. Dad is onto something, inviting her to come to him.

According to the description, Callum has his own inner turmoil, but he puts on a brave face, and a fun face, for his daughter Sophia.
We shall see how these two balance each other out when the movie premieres on November 18.  
Do you like the looks of this so far?